Power Plant Products

Power Plant Products

Urdan Metal & Casting Industries Ltd. manufactures and develops durable high quality parts and spares for pulverizers, ash disposal systems, coal crushers, coal powder transfer pipes, cooling systems, etc.

Urdan supplies parts such as rollers, liners, grids, pumps, impellers, pipes, elbows, tees, diffusers, drag links and a variety of abrasion resistant, corrosion resistant and heat resistant parts.

At Urdan, customer service is not limited to production. Our customers enjoy the benefits of in-house engineering facilities. Our engineers and metallurgists provide the customer with the optimum design and material needed for the job. With our assistance, the customer can choose any one of a variety of materials, from cast irons, through low-alloy steels and manganese steel, to high alloy steels.

Urdan can produce parts weighing up to 10 tons.

Urdan is approved to ISO 9001:2008

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