Operational requirements

  • Extend combat capability, time and distance by a significant factor
  • Deal with the challenge of distance and accessibility between the combat units and the logistics units
  • Reduce the risks associated with re-supply
  • Extended operation periods of semi-independent units operating dispersed for without continuous or contiguous support from higher echelons
Operational requirements
Operational requirements

BackTrail: a change in concept

  • A BackTrail attached to the combat forces gives them more breathing room and extended operation time, without hindering their maneuverability and performance
  • One BackTrail with fuel and one with ammunition can extend a company operation time by 50%
  • Enables adjustment and distribution of supplies among vehicles and neighboring units
  • Can be towed to battle by AFVs and towed back for re-supply by ‘softer’ vehicles and trucks
BackTrail - a change in concept
BackTrail - a change in concept

Versatile BackTrail for Multiple Uses

  • Fuel module: 6000 liters (~1500 gallons) with independent refuelling apparatus
  • Ammunition module: about 175 tank ammunition rounds (120mm)
  • General usage module:
    • Small arms ammunition, grenades, mortar shells etc.
    • Spare parts
    • Food and water
    • Medical equipment
    • Explosives
  • Heavy loads module
    • Power pack unit
    • Generator
    • Camping and HQ equipment
Versatile BackTrail for Multiple Uses
Versatile BackTrail for Multiple Uses
Versatile BackTrail for Multiple Uses 2 גרור-נמר
Versatile BackTrail for Multiple Uses 2 גרור - נמר

Summary of capabilities

Multiple uses:ammunition, fuel, food and water, maintenance equipment, explosives, medical and other general purposes
Variety of activities:armored forces, long range patrols, peace-keeping, artillery, engineering, HQ
Loading capacity:up to 8 tons of equipment
Durability:in all terrain where AFVs operate. Strong & durable frame, heavy duty suspension designed and built for extreme weather and field conditions
Maneuverability:almost no limitations whether driving forward, reverse or making sharp turns
Hitching:attached to and towed by any AFV with a shackle on each side
Detaching:quick and easy detachment, also from inside the AFV
Reloading:BackTrail can be detached and left behind the front lines, then be towed by another vehicle to the rear echelons for reloading
Driving requirement:no special driving skills or knowledge are required
Fuel Module 2
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