Urdan Capabilities

Steel castings, Nodular iron castings and Grey iron castings.

Ballistic armor steel castings.

Machined parts and assemblies.

Engineering and design assistance,  technical support.

Computerized solidification modeling.

Quantities from several items up to thousands of units.

In-house heat treatment.

In-house machine shop.

Assembly capabilities.

Fabrication capabilities.

In-house pattern shop.

Weight of parts: from 5 kgs (or 10 lbs) up to 10 tons.

Shell molding, flaskless molding, floor molding.

Complete line of N.D.T. equipment, including radiography.

Process control from design to delivery.

Quality system approved to ISO 9001:2000 and

complying with MIL-I-45208A.

World wide deliveries.

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