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Urdan Metal & Casting Industries Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of armored steel castings in Israel, supplying local and overseas markets with armored and alloy steel products.

Components such as cupolas, hatches, track shoes, hubs, sprocket carriers, idler wheels, ballistic covers, final drives, grille doors, etc. are standard products in Urdan’s production lines.

Urdan supplies unique systems developed by the company’s R&D team, such as remote control travel locks, mine clearing roller systems, low profile cupolas.

Urdan is fully equipped with all the necessary facilities for manufacturing armor castings up to 10 tons, including machining and assembly.

Urdan maintains an extensive quality assurance program which includes careful control of all manufacturing procedures, as well as maximum use of inspection and testing to ensure production of high-quality products meeting the requirements of pertinent specifications.


Urdan is approved to ISO 9001:2008 and complies with MIL-I-45208A.

Urdan is a qualified manufacturer of armor ballistic steel according to  MIL-A-11356F.


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